Kevin Douglas Cook

Picture of Kevin

This site is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Cook, our son, who left us before we were prepared to let him go.

A part of us will be missing for the rest of this life. Though the pain eases and we resume "normal" routines, it is never quite the same for us without Kevin.

Our foremost desire is to tell about Kevin's life - to provide a glimpse of the child and the man he grew to be.

We also know that others have walked, or will walk this path as they grieve for a loved one. There are times when it is consoling just to hear someone else express a part of the emotions that swell and ebb on special days, or just pop up for "no reason". Thus, we will just share some of those thoughts. (Those will be added later)

I took the day off on the third anniversary of Kevin's death. I have been wanting to share the video which our friends helped us put together for the funeral. Now you can see it below. Many thanks to Stefan, who produced it, and Sonja and Shelly who helped scan it.